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I was really enjoying the last days off from work and took that time to make myself a new dress aka a secret pyjama: meet my Style Arc Sunny top hack aka Sunny dress!



Style arc Sunny Top, hacked into a dress.



I made a size 12 based on my measurements, but the fitting was WEIRD. It feels really HUGE on me, but the sleeves were so tight that I had to unpick them and add a stroke of fabric at the seams to make them fit… This was my first time making a Style Arc pattern and I was really surprised that their seam allowance was only 6 mm.. Must mean that this pattern is supposed to be sewn completely on a serger? It’s a very small seam allowance in my opinion, even for a serger…



I hacked the Sunny top by adding 30 cm’s  (11.8 inch) to the bottom. I did this by moving the bottom seamline 30 cm’s down and filling in the side seams in between. Figured the width of the bottom would be wide enough to walk in, and it did!  In the end I used almost 2m of fabric to make this dress.

Do you also see that back seam alignment happening over there? I AM SOO PROUD OF THAT! Really, it never happens that 4 of those lines line up at the same time.

Also: do you see that seam lines on the right sleeve? When I tried the dress on after I used my serger to stitch everything together, the sleeves were super tight…. Bummer, cause it really wasn’t feeling like the pyjama dress I was hoping it to be. So after a discussion with a friend I decided to add a stroke of fabric, because I didn’t had enough fabric left to cut two new sleeves. In the end this worked out fine, but please check the width of the sleeves on yourself before you cut if you decide to make this pattern.





I am a lazy sewist. If there are no pockets in a dress I often skip them. But.. I always regret this as soon as I put the dress on. So this time I thought to do the sensible thing, add pockets and sew them. So, this dress has inseam pockets!



See this seam? I finished it on my new coverstitch machine! I got a Brother Coverstitch CV3550 a couple of weeks ago, and I am finally becoming friends! YAY! Let me know if you are interested in a review of this new-on-the-market machine!




I finished all the other seams on my serger. This love this lazy finish as now all the insides are pretty clean as well!


I think I like this dress. Not sure I like the pattern. Or maybe it’s just my fabric. Anyway. If I make it again, I would take away at least 12 cm’s away around the top part, which would hopefully prevents the dropped shoulders to drop to halfway  my arms. I would also add 2,5 cm’s on each side of each sleeve, to make them fit better. And finally I would maybe decrease the curve on the front and back seam. In this fabric it result in just a bit too much dress.

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